Teenage Counseling supports these growing children through the psychological and physical changes they are going through; and can help provide a safe space for them to process their thoughts and feelings, where they are treated with empathy, dignity and respect.

What is the Goal of Teenage Counselling ?

  • Facilitate behavior change.
  • Unleash the teen’s potential and focus the goals
  • Encouraging decision making.

What are the Benefits of Counselling ?

  • Improving Self-Awareness
  • Establishing good  Communication Skills
  • Coping Skill Development
  • Boost Self-Exploration

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I am a 16 year old boy and my mother suggested me to take counselling sessions. I was struggling with studies and my emotions. I am doing much better now with my goals and motivation. I am finding my counsellor to be really helpful. Thank you so much!




In just the few 3-4 sessions with the Counsellor, I’ve already seen positive results in my daughters attitude and confidence after following tips and strategies to help manage her anxiety. She’s also very easy to talk to. Very good rapport with teens Ma’am. Thank you




Our counsellor has been a real blessing to us. My daughter needed an outlet that would listen and clarify her how to cope with anxiety. She has walked her through  the process of thinking about anxiety and taught her how to challenge her thoughts and talk herself out of those moments. My daughter has been so confident in her ability to cope and has actually bloomed personally. Really appreciate this service. Thank you!