child counselling

Child counseling is a therapy to access the mind of the child and identify the problem. This is important for a child who is dealing with emotional or mental distress.

What is the Goal of Child Counselling ?

  • To empower the child to deal with painful emotional issues.
  • To enable children to reach appropriate levels of thinking, feeling and behavior.

  • To make the child feel good about themselves.
  • To support the child to function comfortably and adaptively in the external environment (eg home and school).

What are the Benefits of Family Counselling ?

  • Child counseling can help a child develop self-confidence.
  • Your child will be able to recognize their strengths and weak points as they perform different activities with the play therapist.

  • Kids develop  social skills , coping strategies.

  • Child Counselling stimulates healthy and normal development of a child.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Margaret Mead



My son was too good in academics , but there was a drastic drop down in his grades. I tried to talk him about his problem but he wasn’t ready to speak up. Hence I gave a thought for counselling for him. He took sessions and the changes are visible in his overall behavior. Thank you!




I took the counselling sessions for my child who is 8 year old right now. He had some emotional issues regarding aggression and impulsivity. Counsellor really helped me and my child to understand the basic steps to develop the personality and habits into more successful and helpful behaviors. My son is doing better now and I guess the sessions are helping me as well.