Your Mental Health And Wellness Starts Here

Counseling enables self-awareness, emotional acceptance and optimal development for the individual. It gives you the means to know yourself, to understand your feelings and make yourself aware.

Reasons Why Counselling Is So Important

1. Self Talk

Counselling is the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about any issue that you face in every-day life that you may wish to explore and understand better, in a professional and confidential setting, with a qualified and competent counsellor over a period of time.

2. Validity And Clarity

Sometimes, sifting through your emotions is hard to do on your own. If you’re feeling confused about your feelings, it’s always best to find clarity through speaking with a professional. They will help you to feel entitled to your emotions, regardless of how irrational you think they may be.

3. Non Judgmental Ambience

Visiting a counselor allows you to speak your truth without filters and without pause. You never have to worry about having others jump into your conversation or feeling as though you are dumping a huge burden on someone. Counselors act as a support system that allows you to speak in whatever way you need in order to find healing.

4. Answers And Explanations

Counselors go through many years of rigorous education in order to be able to analyze and assess the human condition. Regardless of your situation, they will be able to explain what you are feeling and why you are feeling it. Client is an active participant in the counselling process at every stage and can explore his experiences.


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“Mental Health starts with you , if you take care of your mind you take care of the world. So invest in your Mental Health and get the power back. ”

About Me

Myself Arti , started my career as a creative interior designer with a reputed firm involved in landscape design and architectures of renowned infrastructure establishments. Further I worked with different organizations with diverse roles. As an astute learner having interest in mental health & wellbeing, got an opportunity to explore myself as a soft skill trainer and a counselor. Initially my only moto of learning psychology was to understand self, how to identify and increase inner strength.

During my initial days in school & college, I always had a struggle to fight within myself and handle community and social pressure. Psychology plays a key role in development of mind and body to be competitive in today’s 21st century. I got inclination towards Psychology and become a certified Psychological Counsellor. 

In 2019 during covid, as the whole world was going through hard times, the real awareness about Mental Health came into picture. I took counselling sessions online and was happy to resolve and help the society. I was always positive and open new doors of learning Psychology.

I like to counsel and understand the issues related to children’s growth, day today struggle in relationships and their behavior to cope with challenges in life. As a digital marketer and a psychological counsellor, I provide positive content on my Healthy Minds web platform for the society and help in developing holistic way of living life. I am associated with an organization having 4 decades of experience in Mental Health wellness. Connect and let me know how I can solve the problem to enjoy life to its fullest.